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At Jack Moore Associates we have a product for every need.


We stock a large assortment of abrasive cut off and grinding wheels for metal and masonry to fit your cut off saws, chop saws, and right angle grinders.

Diamond Products

Whether you buy or rent, we stock diamond blades, and core bits to suit your application.  We also retip diamond core bits in house. Bring us your worn out core bits for on-the-spot exchange. 

Concrete Anchors

In addition to Wedge anchors, Sleeve anchors, and Drop-in anchors, we carry a complete inventory of Adhesive anchor products and Specialty Nylon anchoring products.

Power Tools and Accessories

We are distributors of major name cord * less and cord * ed tools including drills, hammer drills, SDS+ rotary hammers, SDS Max shank and Spline shank rotary hammers, circular saws and reciprocating saws, right angle grinders, diamond core drills, and much, much more.

We also stock a complete assortment of accessories for all the tools we carry.  We have masonry bits in round, SDS+, SDS Max, and Spline shanks.  You'll find high speed steel and cobalt drill bits for steel, bi-metal, carbide grit, carbide tipped, and diamond grit edged hole saws.  We also carry a complete line of sawzall blades, flat boring bits and auger bits for wood.

Safety Products

If you need safety glasses, hearing protection, hard * hats, face shields, fall protection, or gloves, you can find it all at Jack Moore Associates.  We also offer OSHA training classes by appointment.

Testing of Rebar Dowels, Chemical and Expansion Anchors

Our testing division can provide jobsite tests and test reports, for rebar dowels up to #14 and chemical anchors up to three-inch bolt diameter.

Concrete Drilling & Sawing

Our Prime Drilling & Sawing division not only offers contract  core drilling and sawing services to the New England area.  They also specialize in Firestop Installation, Robotic Breaking, and Anchor Installation.  Please visit for more information.